Let's start something
February 17th-19th, 2017 - Stevens Venture Center



Venture Hacks is an ongoing series of hackathons sponsored by the Stevens Venture Center. The Venture Center aims to redefine entrepreneurial education and support rising student entrepreneurs. We're seeking the next generation of budding talent for a weekend of learning, building, and growing. We empower smart, passionate and motivated people to build amazing things.


Friday, 6pm
Babbio 104


To start, you’ll learn what the Venture Center is all about and get acquainted with your peers and mentors.

Jumpstart + Storytelling

Here’s when you’ll learn how to go from problem to idea to solution and you’ll get matched up with the right people.

Wrap Up

We'll see you tomorrow. Sleep or no sleep.
Saturday, 12pm
Babbio 104


Plan first. Struggle less. Learn about mock-ups and user flows.

Guide to building a demo

Bring your drawings to life with the power of code. Bring a towel.

Hack, Hack, Hack

Keep building, building, building and keep your demo in mind. Demos are the 🔑 to success.
Venture Center

Zero-to-One + Dinner

A field trip to the heart of the Venture Center where you’ll hear first-hand how to go from Student to CEO. Plus pizza.


So long, farewell, see you tomorrow. 👏
Sunday, 12pm
Babbio 104

Another Presentation

This time, on presentations. That is, your presentations and how to present them.

Work, work, work

This is crunch time people.

Submissions Due + Compliments

Bundle up and be happy* with your projects.


Food. Really good food. And judges. Really good judges.


You show everyone how awesome you are.

Awards + Closing Ceremony

Everyone shows you how awesome you are.

Apply Here

Applications are in, but we are still accepting applications for our waitlist. Have hope!

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Austin and Francesca, the brains behind Venture Hacks, are excited to be back for the third edition. As young (and failed) entrepreneurs, they come with (mostly) smiling faces, ambitious ideas, and passion for educating the next wave of budding talent. After studying Computer Science for two and a half years, starting a company, evading a lawsuit, and having (collectively) read about half of twelve books, they bring experience in design, programming, and of course entrepreneurship to the table. As for the brawns, Mukund has served as a mentor for Francesca, Austin, and many other successful entrepreneurs here at Stevens.

Past Venture Hackers

"Being an EE I doubted my ability to do well at the competition. I think the biggest lesson I extracted was anything is possible with enough hard work."

Alex Grin

"I encourage anyone, no matter your major, to attend Venture Hacks! As long as you come in with an open mind and determination, you will learn a lot and have fun doing it."

Jordana Approvato

"VH was an invaluable experience. It pushed me to learn many practical skills in order to solve a problem from scratch."

Xavier Rosario

"Meeting new people, coming up with creative new ideas, having fun and ultimately implementing a great project judged by real industry experts, in the beautiful Stevens Venture Center, was just plain awesome."

Henry Paul

"The mentors have a ton of confidence in everyone who participates and are eager to help you learn more about practically anything. I never would have expected myself to accomplish as much as I did in 36 hours and I had a lot of fun doing it."

John Stabile

"I learned more from this experience than I have in many of my classes while making some new friends...It is one of the best experiences I've had while at Stevens and I encourage anyone to take on the challenge to create something great in such a small amount of time and realize how awesome they really are."

Jose Angeles

"I attended it as an Electrical Engineering freshman, not know much about coding or hackathons, but there were great people there to inspire me and help me get started."

Qianwen Zhao

Check what participants from our first and second hackathons have started.